Rig and animation project

LONY was a personal project to create a perfect rig, tailored to my needs as an animator. I'm also using it as an opportunity to explore low-poly topology and how to optimize it.

Below are some idle animation tests from earlier iterations of the rig which has since been remade from scratch.


Character Modeller/Rigger/Animator | VFX Artist

Game Project

ATTERO is a co-op bullet hell boss battle game project created by me, Karl Asp, Malin Pim Wong, William Höglund Mayer and Mattias Kimber as part of our time at FutureGames.

Boss Voice Actress: Antonia Kiili

Special thanks Sofie Forsberg and David Dessantis!


Animation practice

FPTest is a small collection of first person animation tests. Click on the gif to view the video version.

Rig by Mattias Kirsten.