An abstract weave of motion and music.

Tradigital 2D animation. Music by Robin Henriksson.

PIECE was my senior year animation project, made during my second year at Animationsakademien.

It's tradigitally animated, meaning traditionally animated in a digital software, and made entirely by me from start to finish. I worked in close collaboration throughout the project with Robin Henriksson who composed the music.


Animated adaptation of the book Elsa and the Night.

Tradigital 2D animation. Director Jöns Mellgren.

Elsa and the Night is an animated short based on the book of the same name by Jöns Mellgren.

I was one of the animators on the film, I did both character animation, FX animation, cleanup and inbetweening. Primarily I was responsible for the ocean scenes.


Diorama of a girl on a sidewalk.

3D  animation. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

WAITING is a small scene made as part of my application

to FutureGames in 2018. This was my very first attempt at

both 3D modeling and animation. Everything is made from scratch by me. Presented in the Unity engine.